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     Tuesday Sept. 30

        Special Calf &

           Yearling Sale

 225--Bl. Blwf. sts. & hfrs. calves----375-500#



 Wayne will be in Sheridan Wy.

    for the Superior Livestock

  Auction Video Sale. Cattle being

    Represented by Wayne is on:

     Wed. Aug. 20 & Thurs. 21


  Wed. Dan DeBoer--Corsica S.D.

          50--Bl. Bred Hfrs. Base 1050#

                           Deliver Nov. 15-30

         110--Rd. Angus Bred Hfrs. Base 1050#

       calf 2/2/15 for 15 days Deliver Nov. 15-30

          90--Rd. Angus Bred Hfrs. Base 1050#

       calf 2/17/15 for 15 days Deliver Nov.15-30

Wed. Travis DeBoer--Corsica S.D.

          48--Blwf. Bred Hfrs. Base 1050#

       calf 2/13/15 for 42 days Deliver Nov.15-30


      Selling Thursday Aug. 21

  Thurs. Steve & Marcia Deneke--

             Wessington Springs S.D. 48--sts. calves----Base 550# Deliver Nov. 1-15

25--hfrs. calves--Base 500# Deliver Nov. 1-15


             Rep.   Sales

        Tuesday Aug. 12, 2014

   Futures down the limit still

       a very good feeder marhet.


   61--Bl. hfrs.-(off grass)---806#-$211.75

   19--Bl. hfrs.-(off grass)---717#-$214.75

 141--Bl. & Ch.x hfrs.-------752#-$214.50

   40--Bl. & Ch.x hfrs.-------662#-$214.00

   71--Bl. & Rd. hfrs.---------840#-$205.50

   28--Bl. & Rd. hfrs.---------898#-$201.00

   27--Bl. hfrs.-----------------945#-$200.00

     7--Bl. hfrs.-----------------859#-$205.00

   12--Bl. sts.-------------------817#-$215.50

     2--Bl. sts.-------------------715#-$220.00

   10--Rd. sts.------------------850#-$211.00

     8--Bl. & Rd. sts.----------681#-$225.00

   13--Bl. hfrs.-----------------724#-$212.00





Created by: Bradley Konechne